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We'd love you to fill out our survey, so we can make even better! You don't have to fill out all the questions, just the ones you want to, checking all answers that apply to you.

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Name or nickname:

Your Age:
Gender: Female
Email address:
Approximate income level: in US dollars
What area of the world do you live in?
How did you find Search engines
Traditional Media: radio, newspapers, TV
Link from Web Media site
Link from another website
Someone sent me an e-card
Banner ad
other (please list)
What do you like best about the site?
What didn't you like?
What would you suggest to improve Geek Culture?
What kind of things would you like to see more of? information about the world of technology,
Geek Erotica
humourous stories, anecdotes from geeks
other (please list)
What kinds of games do you like? games that challenge the mind
games that are just plain dumb
shoot ‘em up blood and gore games
games that are relaxing
other (please list)
Where do you normally surf the web from? home
other (please list)
Usual color settings of your monitor: 256 colors
thousands of colors
millions of colors
don't know
Monitor resolution settings you normally use:
At what speed do you access the Internet ?
Modem, 33.1 or less
Modem, 56kb
other (please list)
Which websites do you go to everyday? news
humor sites
random surf
other (please list site if you can)
Webstore related stuff:
What kind of things have you purchased using the Web? Never bought anything over the Web
Porn stuff
other (please list)
How have you purchased from the internet?:
Did research, then bought it on the net.
Saw something cool, then impulsively bought it.
Found it was easier to buy it on the net.
other (please list)
Are there any factors keeping you from on-line shopping? don't need anything that's there
worried about security
prices too high
rather surf than shop
too confusing!
other (please list)
What products would you like to see at the Geek Culture Webstore? downloadable screensavers
cool little programs
a CD-Rom
more t-shirts
geeky gift items
other stuff (please list)
Would you be interested in purchasing downloadable digital products? yup, i like buying downloadable stuff
nope, I prefer to get real physical products
other opinions (please list)
Any other Comments you may have:
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