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Have you even been, or want to go, to Burning Man Festival?

I've been, and it's awesome, ... would you stick it to the man to go again? 4 0%
I'd love to go, it looks awesome, ... don't burn any bridges getting there. 68 13%
No, sleep-in-the-desert, live-in-the-dirt, share everything, tribal art festivals are not my thing, ... good thing you weren't born 5000 years ago. 176 34%
No, too many naked people, ... there's a certain percentage going just for that reason! 14 2%
I'd rather camp where there are few or no people, ... I'd like to book an alpine meadow for two please. 121 23%
Dude, it sounds like my average weekend!, ... burning down the house! 21 4%
I'm just staring at the fire. 102 20%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the sand getting everywhere.

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