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Current JoyPoll results for 565 entries:

What would your answer have been?
What is the story of my life, ... I'm sorry, but that's only the most fascinating topic of conversation of the 21st century. 28 4%
What is the value of Pi, ... now I know you're a math geek. 88 15%
What was the better TV series, Gilligan's Island or I Dream of Jeanie, ... does stranded with Ginger and Mary Anne compare with finding a Jeanie? 110 19%
What is a geek, ... almost as hard to pin down as that value of ¹. 85 15%
Why is the Jeopardy sign two different colors, ... isn't this also related to that Meaning of Life question? 152 26%
Don't rush me, I'm still thinking about it. 102 18%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the omnipotence of Alex Trebek.
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