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What's the saddest part about the end of Mir?
It was such a great place to party, ... or so The Party used to say. 17 2%
All the duct tape and tubing that was wasted, ... doesn't the Geneva Convention protect duct tape? 144 25%
The murder of the Space Fungus, ... it will be back, they never found the mycelium! 26 4%
That it wasn't preserved for posterity, ... well, be sure to save a place in your scrapbook for its orbit-uary. 66 11%
That I couldn't see the re-entry with my own eyes, ... is it better to burn out, than to drift away? 270 47%
I self-destructed my vote. 49 8%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the gravity of the situation.
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