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What is slower than you?
My computer, ... some have concluded that the human brain has a raw computational power between 1013 and 1016 operations per second, ...your mileage may vary. 38 7%
My Internet access, ... Snaggy's Internet Access Unit is measured in seconds, and represents how fast you return to the computer after being away from it. 69 12%
My boss, ... are you sure the boss just isn't in crocodile mode? 61 11%
Most members of the human race, ... remember, slow and steady often wins the race. 209 39%
Wait up! Your poll's text is moving too fast, ... perhaps your retinal refresh rate needs tweaking? 92 17%
I quickly viewed the results. 62 11%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the Doppler effect.
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