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What's your favorite reason to crush geek unions?
They might improve the working conditions of geeks, ... how can you possible improve on 16 hour days in a florescently-illuminated cubicle? 20 4%
Unions suggests that geeks are in fact human beings and just might actually have some human rights, ... doesn't the Geneva Convention specifically exclude geeks? 108 25%
It might let those lazy geeks get more sleep, ... I heard they work better with less sleep and more caffeine. 48 11%
If geeks can unionize, then maybe nerds can too, ... the horror, the horror. 76 18%
I just like crushing their heads, ... is that why I have mush for brains? 103 24%
I busted the results. 63 15%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the state of the union.

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