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Current JoyPoll results for 523 entries:

What Zone have you found yourself in lately?
No Parking Zone, ... no parking zones are a denial of service. 46 8%
The End Zone, ... well, if you can make it through till Sunday night, you might be a SuperBowl Survivor. 25 4%
The Phantom Zone, ... was this for hacking into Kryptonian servers? 52 9%
The Zone of Geeking Out, ... it's when time stands still around your geek-o-sphere. 81 15%
I'm zoned out, ... are you sure you're not just zonked, zapped, or zombie-like? 269 51%
I viewed the results from the Twilight Zone. 50 9%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and time zones.
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