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What's the number one accessory you're looking for to come with your Internet Twins?
Matching Internet Twin mice and keyboards, ... you may also want to make sure they come with a Universal Cereal Bus. 25 6%
Complimentary Internet Twin email, ... are they Pee-O-Pee accounts? 9 2%
Complimentary Internet Twin domain names, ... as of press time, internettwins.com was free. Within hours, it was no longer available. Behold the power of the Comic. ;-) 43 10%
Dot.com logo mobile, ... it's softly plays AOL's theme music as it winds down. 51 12%
I'm holding out for Internet Triplets, ... three would be at least twice the trouble of double. 208 52%
I cloned the results. 59 14%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and dividing by two.

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