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What's the worst part about going back to work after an Expo?
All the pals you won't see until the next Expo, ... and all your competition too! 17 4%
Having seen the best, but now having to work on the worst, ... just remember, if the computer you work on now was sent back in time 20 years, it would be worth billions. Well, for most of you anyway. ;-) 182 47%
Everyone wants me to give them my precious swag, ... ahhh, such is the price of being The guy who got to go to the Expo. 76 19%
My Expo bills, ... you mean that hotel room price was per night?! 27 6%
Thank goodness it's over, I had to work at the Expo, ... I'm sure someone, somewhere, appreciates your service as an Expo galley slave. 10 2%
I expo'd the results. 74 19%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and water that comes in five cool colors.

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