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If the US economy was a Star Wars movie, who would Alan Greenspan be?
The Emperor, ... he's been in power almost as long. 120 16%
Darth Vader, ... apparently a Ph.D. in economics is a requirement for a Sith Lord. 42 5%
Yoda, ... invest or invest not, there is no try. 174 24%
A droid, ... oh dear oh dear... we're headed for a recession... we're doomed! 67 9%
Boba Fett, ... he's the Fed's head hunter with all the bounty. 41 5%
The Midichlorians, ... he surrounds us, binds our economy together. 143 19%
I viewed the results, and wondered what the heck Alan Greenspan really does. 130 18%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and Jedi mind tricks.

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