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“Geekosphere” is a term used to describe the area in the immediate vicinity around your computer. Most people personalize this zone with various cultural objects that have significant meaning to them (Star Trek memorabilia, photos of pets, tribbles, old coffee cup collections, pizza crusts, dippy ducks, etc.). Over the following weeks we'll be featuring various geekospheres, giving the world a glimpse into the most personal space of geeks.

We realize you’re riveted to your computer in anticipation, so Ladies and Gentlemen, the geek-o-spheres await...


Snot Trek blob?
Dave Slater's Awesome Geek-0-Sphere/Nerdhole!

CyberGoddess's great Geekosphere!

Tim's wide-screen geekhole!

The Telnet Junkie's 13 square meters of Geek Heaven

Ray @ Skunkative Records's geekosphere

The geeky gorgeous geekosphere of Ilene Hoffman, Macworld Diva!

GMx's Geekosphere!

mac the naïf's!

Doctor Hil's amazing QTVR!

Rich's office!

If you would like to have your own geekosphere featured here, send us your image (photo, computer rendering, police sketch, satellite shot, etc.) via email and we’ll feature it on this page.

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