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July 31, 2018

Me when we get a new Joy of Tech patron... :-)

The Joy of Tech Patreon page

Posted by Snaggy at 10:04 AM

July 11, 2018

How do you wash your hair in space?

Posted by Snaggy at 08:58 AM

June 29, 2018

Enjoy forever Harlan Ellison. RIP

Posted by Snaggy at 12:27 PM

June 10, 2018

Dynamic Projection rocks!

Posted by Snaggy at 02:08 PM

June 10, 2018

Perpetual Mystery!

Posted by Snaggy at 02:05 PM

May 27, 2018

RIP Alan Bean, moonwalker.

Posted by Snaggy at 11:41 AM

May 07, 2018

Rick and Morty Season 3, now on DVD and Blueray!

Rick and Morty DVD

If you haven't seen Rick and Morty, the hilarious cartoon series, then you are missing a new cultural icon. Genius writing and mind-blowing (literally) graphics bring this show to a new level of hilarity, combining both low brow slapstick comedy and highly intellectual humor. Season 3 is now out on DVD, BluRay, and streaming. I highly recommend it.

(Tip: If you want to watch one episode, to see if it's your kind of thing, make sure it is Pickle Rick. Season 3, Episode 3).

A word of caution, it's very explicit about just about everything, so keep that in mind if you are cuss-word and violent graphics shy.

Rick and Morty: Season 3 (DVD)

Posted by Snaggy at 11:13 AM

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